Family Reunification

The goal of the Family Reunification Service is to work in collaboration with Case Management Organizations to move children from out of home placements to permanent parental homes effectively and therapeutically. Family Reunification Team will assist in providing and linking families with services and supports that will enable them to effectively care for children placed in their homes with the goal of preventing future placement into out-of-home care.

   Services Include:

  • Domestic Violence education and counseling

  • Safety planning

  • Mental Health counseling

  • Parental Education

  • Substance Abuse education, treatment, and ongoing relapse prevention planning

  • Assisting parents in dealing with the special physical or emotional needs of their children

  • Helping families identify extended family members or other informal support systems

  • Life Skills

  • Behavior modification and discipline techniques

  • Anger Management

  • School and Child Care engagement and support

  • Basic nutrition and hygiene education

  • Help families discover and gain access to community resources

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